Rose's Lovely Luis

Living in a new home:prospero570

Rose's Lovely Matthew and
Struve's Duchesse


Ylletrollet's Nemorosa


Living in a new home:portia636

Rose's Lovely Gareth

We have one sweet neuters living in our home at the moment.

Luis is our sweet cuddly boy. Very special to us! Always very cute and handsome.

Nala was our first cat. She was half Maine Coon, as she was the cat we bought to be a pure breed MCO - but with time we could see, this was not true...
We had to say goodbuy to Nala during the fall because she was ill and had too much pain in her legs. She was of course very much appriciated and special to us, and we will always keep her in our hearts.

– – –
We would have liked to keep both him and Matthew as sweet neuters. But those two boys continued to fight each other even after neutering. So Matthew left with his beloved friend Duchesse to a lovely home in Norway. As we kept their kids, these two are very important for our breeding.

So like this, there can be many reasons why some cats have changed home. Each time this happens, it is with lots of tears - and always because it is the best for this individual cat. No matter how much it hurts, we have to do the best for the cats!

Gareth lives with Lones brother and family. he is a big lovely boy. Always giving lots of kisses in his own cute and special way. Maybe Gareth thinks he is a dog?

Nemorosa. She is the love of my heart. The most gentle cat we have seen. Nemorosa did not feel good in our little group still a long time after neutering her, so now she lives with my mum very close to our home, and she is now much more happy.