Struves Maine Coon

Struve’s is a small cattery located in Aarhus in Denmark.

We are four people in the family, John, Lone and our two daughters Simone and Johanne. In 2004 we decided to start breeding in the name of Struve, which is also Lones middle family name. The whole family is involved in socializing the kittens and caring for the cats. Our interest for these lovely cats started in 1998, when we bought our first Maine Coon cat, Nala.

It appeared much later that she was not a pure bred Maine Coon, so this fact put an end to my dreams of her being the beginning of a little Main Coon Cattery – at least for a while. The experience with Nala has meant a lot to how we breed cats, cause this was not the right way! We take it very serious and invest a lot of time and energy because we wish to contribute to the Maine Coon breed in a good way. At the same time we wish to simply enjoy these lovely cats, and se the beautiful kittens grow up.


Goals and focus

Our main focus is health, temper and ‘good size and type’. In particular, we work with health and temper, in that order, as our main priorities. It won’t do you any good to be good-looking if you have a weird personality or are a carrier of inherited diseases...

This also means that we pay a lot of attention to the pedigrees and, in general, try to work with slightly different, often imported lines with the lowest inbreeding percentage and clone value as possible. The lines we work with is therefore both new foundation lines and showlines. We think that a large diversity in the collected gene pool, in general, promotes the health of the Maine Coon cat.

Our focus is: To breed as big and typie cats as possible within the health and temperamental frames described above. Read more about how we are working in the sections ‘Health’ and ‘Maine Coon’.

We like the sweet, tender and a little naughty cat, with the look in his eye, like he is the king of the whole wide world...


It is our intention to have just a few selected cats at a time, so that they all have our full attention. A breeder cat, in our home, is always a pet-cat before anything.